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We build a custom store that allows our community to preview and purchase products, personalized with the NFTs they own from their collection.

Connect your wallet to access your NFTS

We have developed connectors for 5 different crypto wallets: 3 for Ether blockchain (Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect) and 2 for Solana blockchain (Phantom, Solflare).

Choose and customize your favorite product in our collection

Our clothing collection is eco-friendly. At Richon, we take special care of the quality of our products. Our products are made locally in Belgium and use organic cotton. Having a Richon is knowing that we care about the environment.

Our products

Choose your NFT and place it on your product

Our developers have taken particular care to develop a preview of your NFTs custom made. You can integrate your NFT in real time on our products.

Place your order and buy your product

We have integrated credit card payments using Stripe, the most secure online payment platform. All transactions are SSL protected. You can also enjoy and pay with your favorite crypto. We have integrated secured crypto payments for Solana and Ether blockchain.

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Bring your Nfts to another dimension.



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